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    Strategies for keeping your job

    Ezz El-din

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    Strategies for keeping your job

    Post by Ezz El-din on Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:47 am

    In our days , in the privatization days

    when a lot of companies transform from the governmental company to privy company

    and a lot of companies cutting its workforce

    then you should do some things that will help you for keeping your jop

    Make your self noticeable

    being a good worker is sometimes less important than making sure that people know you're a good worker.
    Volunteer for new responsibilities, push your ideas , and make sure everyone knows you.
    مرة كان فى مكافئة للعاملين بالمكتب فالمهم أخد أقل واحد ,أى نعم كنت اجدد واحد بس كان اللى قبل منى فرق بينى وبينه تلت أشهر وخد ذى الباقى
    المهم أستفسرت عن الموضوع ده من مدير عام المكتب هل أنا مقصر فى شغلى
    قال لى لأ ,مش انا اللى بعتمد المكافئة ,ده رئيس القطاعات ,وهو مش عارفك قوى

    Take classes
    Learn everything that could help you do your job better. If the company buys computers, Learn how to use them. If learning more about marketing could help you, take a short course
    بالنسبة مثلاً للمحاسبين اللى عايزين يسافروا بلد ذى الأمارات
    مرة واحد سافر وسألوه أنت تعرف برنامج كويك بوكس قلهم لأ, طيب عارف برنامج بي اتش قالهم لأ
    قالو له طب جى تعمل أيه
    المهم ماشتغالشى غير لما أخد الكورسات دى

    Keep up to-date
    make sure you know about changes and new directions in the company.If you find out that sales is becoming the most important department, try making a move to sales.
    بس تكون اتأكد من المعلومة من أكتر من واحد جوا القسم وبرة القسم

    Impress your superiors
    People who find things to complain a bout are alt less popular than people who find things to praise. Having a good attitude is important.
    لما تشتكى من حاجة المدير بيتضايق , أنما لما تقترح حاجة ده شئ جيد جداً
    وكتير من المديرين يحبوا الناس تنفخ فيهم بس راعى ان أنت ماتغاليش فى المدح وتخليه يحث ان أنت بتنافقه

    Express yourself well
    Having good ideas isn't always enugh. You need to be able to communicate them. Find ways to improve your speaking and writing skills.
    طبعاً لما تكون طريقة كلامك كويسة وشخصيتك قوية وتكون مميز عن غيرك ده هايساعدك كتير لما ييجوا يختاروا حد عالشان يرقوه

    Be postive
    You can make a positive impact on your boss by arriving early and working late. And you should always dress in a businesslike way , even if others dress casually.

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    Re: Strategies for keeping your job

    Post by عاليا on Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:14 pm

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    Re: Strategies for keeping your job

    Post by azory on Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:11 am

    really it might be help
    god with us

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    Re: Strategies for keeping your job

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