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    'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

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    'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

    Post by Ezz El-din on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:11 pm


    A CV resume is quite simply an 'advert' to sell yourself to an employer.
    the purpose of your CV is to make you attractive, interesting, worth considering to the company and so receive a job interview.


    employers do not want to see CVs which are all written in exactly the same way

    Therefore, do not just copy standard CV samples! Your CV should be your own, personal, and a little bit different.

    A CV should be constructed on a word-processor (or at least typed), well laid out and printed on a good quality printer.

    Do use bold and/or underline print for headings.

    Do not use lots of different font types and sizes.

    Put a good border round the page

    check that the spelling is correct in some way

    There are two communication principles to remember:

    *'Keep it simple,.

    *'If they didn't hear it, you didn't say it'.

    Picture yourself to be a busy manager in the employer's office. He (or she) may have to read through 100 CVs in half an hour, and will have two piles - 'possibles' and 'waste-bin'.

    So yours must be easy to read, short and attractive.

    when you have written a first attempt at your CV, get someone else to look at it, and tell you how to make it better.

    Before you start

    Sit down with a piece of paper. Look at the job(s) that you are applying for. Consider how your skills, education, and experience compare with the skills that the job requires. How much information do you have about the job description?

    Sometimes employers do not give enough information. Ask for more detail if needed.


    Personal details
    Name, home address, college address, phone number, email address, date of birth.

    If your name does not obviously show if you are male or female, include this!

    Give places of education where you have studied - most recent education first. Include subject options taken in each year of your course. Include any special project, thesis, or dissertation work.

    Work experience
    List your most recent experience first. Give the name of your employer, job title, and very important, what you actually did and achieved in that job. Part-time work should be included.

    They will be particularly interested in activities where you have leadership or responsibility, or which involve you in relating to others in a team.

    Ability in other languages, computing experience, or possession of a driving licence should be included

    Usually give two names - one from your place of study, and one from any work situation you have had.

    Maybe all you need to say will fit onto one sheet of A4. But do not crowd it - you will probably need two sheets.

    Optional extras

    It can be good to start with a Personal Profile/Objective statement. This is a two or three sentence overview of your skills, qualities, hopes, and plans. It should encourage the employer to read the rest.

    You could add a photo of yourself - either scanned in by computer, or stuck on. But make sure it is a good one. Get a friend (or a working photographer) to take a good portrait. The pictures that come out from automatic photo-machines do not show you at your best


    a big company would normally expect a formal CV on white paper
    Consider using a two column table to list your educational qualifications and courses taken.

    Covering letter

    To make sure that the CV arrives on the desk of the correct person. Take the trouble to telephone, and find the name of the person who will be dealing with applications or CVs, and address your letter, and envelope, to that person by name.

    Application forms

    You should still use a covering letter, and send your CV also unless told not to. Application forms need as much care to write as CVs.

    It must be very neat and clear, and in black pen so that it can be easily photocopied.

    You should 'angle' your answers to the company, in the same way as explained for your CV.

    Do not say in answer to any question - 'see my CV'.

    Take a photocopy to keep, so that you can remember exactly what you said. If you are called to interview, take this copy with you into the interview.

    The interview

    Learning how to handle an interview is also very important.

    Take as much advice as you can.

    Try and 'practice' an interview. Ask a friend, or college teacher, to pretend to interview you.

    Be well-informed about the company, its record and achievements, about the job and why you want it. Have questions ready to ask about the company and the job.

    Why do some people almost always
    get the job they want?
    Because their CV wins them an interview and 99% don't!

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    chose what are you looking for

    and see atamplates

    to be ready for Interview

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    Re: 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

    Post by mohamedsamy on Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:55 pm

    شكرا على الموضوع الجامد ده

    ونتمنى نتعلم اكتر واكتر

    كلنا محتاجين طريقة كتابة الــ C.Vـ
    Ezz El-din

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    Re: 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

    Post by Ezz El-din on Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:02 pm

    you are welcome


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    Re: 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

    Post by zahra on Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:05 am

    Hello Mr Ahmed Iam zahra in level 15
    thankes about this web sit

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    Re: 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'

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